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Enrique Estefanía Gimeno

Enrique Estefanía Gimeno

What are polyurethane coatings ?

They consist of two components:

  1. A or varnish (saturated polymer)

  2. B or catalyst (isocyanate)

These two components react with each other, drying.


According to chemical composition, they are divided into two different groups:

1.- Alkyd:
The most common, they can be used in any type of work. They are elastic, resistant to physical-chemical agents.

2.- Acrylic:
Used in works where you need a specific quality: hardness, low yellowing, chemical resistance, good adhesion, etc.

According to their function, they are classified into several groups:

- Primers:
Applied over wood. Good power to cover, fast drying and good sanding.

- Top-coats:
Applied over primer. Gives the final characteristics, the most important the gloss (from a matte to high gloss).

- Primer-top-coats:
Used in works when you don't need a perfect work, as interior or rear furniture.

All products can be:

They are used in:

Any work because of the characteristics and wide range of products, which allows us to adapt to any weather condition (cold, heat, humidity, etc) or application (curtain, spray, brush, roller, etc).





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