The Company

The Company

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Research and Development

Ongoing Research/ Our laboratory is provided with both state-of-the-art instruments and a highly qualified expert staff that enable it to fulfill its two main objectives: a thorough quality control of both the raw materials and the finished product and the research and development work necessary to create new products which will fully satisfy market requirements.




Leading Technology in Varnish Production/ Our production control is totally computerized thanks to an integrated control system that regulates both the dosage and homogenizing of the raw materials that we incorporate into each of our final products.

Last generation machinery plus expert staff contribute to our effective production system.

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Manufacturing Plant

Intelligent Production/ Tecno-Lac responds to current and future demands with its plant that features integration, flexibility and intelligence, all qualities that enable effective customized or serialized production. It has been equipped with modern machinery that ensures a steady production flow.



The Answer to Your Needs/ Our Laguardia facility affords major storage capacity enabling us to speedily respond to customer orders.


Customer Service

The Best Customer Service/ Tecno-Lac is a vigorously flexible company able to speedily respond to its customers' requirements with its own delivery vehicle flotilla coordinated by our logistics department.


Chemical Industries TECNO-LAC, S.A.
Pgno. industrial de casablanca, calle la paz s.n. 01300 LAGUARDIA (ÁLAVA) ESPAÑA.
T:+34 945 62 52 40/ F:+34 945 62 52 28/


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