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:: Wood Treatment Products

Varnish for doors, floors, baseboards (skirting boards), stairways, eaves, roofing, tiling and all kinds of furniture.

Under-coatings// Transparent and colorlessly opaque in both polyurethane and nitro; with a wide variety of solids adapted to the substrate..


Finishes// Colorless nitrocellulose and polyurethane, with a wide variety of glosses and solids. They may be textured if this is required by the customer.


Pigmented Paints// We serially manufacture under-coatings and finishes in white. Following changing fashions, pigmented paints are also manufactured, according to the different color charts in the market (Ral, Pantone, NCS, Besa, Nora)


Solvents/Solvents/ We offer a wide range of solvents for different uses (for cleaning, for polyurethane, enamels, drying retardants or accelerants, anti-silicones, moth-repellent, anti-bubble, etc.), to facilitate application of our products.


Water-Based/ / We have under-coatings, protective coatings, finishes, colorants. All of these products are manufactured as colorless or tinted coatings. Their application fields are furniture, soils and exteriors.


Product Sales

Our products are sold countrywide in Spain through a network of distributors and sales representatives;

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